The adjustable exercise stretch bands - noticeable results - fast!

You have made it to this site because you are looking for an exercise stretch band or bands to help you strengthen and shape your body. Not all exercise stretch bands are created equal! Eight years ago we set out to develop a system that could harness the true potential of elastic tubing (exercise stretch bands). You see, the majority of the exercise stretch bands on the market only provide one level of resistance and can only be used for a handful of exercises. The Bodylastics exercise stretch band system comes with 4 stretch bands that can be used individually or combined to create 15 levels of resistance. Furthermore, the well designed components will give you the ability to recreate all of your favorite exercises from the gym - anytime, anywhere.

Bodylastics exercise stretch bands can easily replace large home gym equipment. In fact, our system is so good that we go head to head with Bowflex on a daily basis. Don't believe it - believe it! Click here to compare us to Bowflex and Soloflex. Click here to read some of our amazing testimonials.


Definitely. I don't care what anyone says - resistance is resistance. Do you think that your muscle will react better just because you are working against a free weight as opposed to an exercise stretch band. Absolutely not! You see your muscles are blind. They will only know that you are working against resistance not what type of resistance. If you have enough resistance to place stress on your muscles - they will be forced to change.

Now let me explain why resistance and resistance training are so important for your muscles. It's pretty simple really. When you place your body under new stresses (resistance) you body will have to adapt to handle these new stresses. How is it going to adapt? It is going to adapt by making your muscles bigger and stronger. This is the theory of adaptation. When you stretch exercise stretch bands, they create smooth constant resistance. Unlike free weights this resistance is generated without momentum (it is momentum that often causes injuries with free weights). So, when you use them to train your muscles they will be hard on your muscles but easy on your joints.


Yes, who am I and why should you listen to me? As I said my name is Blake Kassel and I have a passion for resistance training. This passion began when I was 11 years old and saw my first Bodybuilding show, The Night of Champions, in NYC. At that show I was amazed at what those Bodybuilders had done to their physiques. It was then that I caught the bug and became fascinated with Bodybuilding, resistance training and how it affects the muscles in the body.

You should listen to me because I have already tried everything and made all of the mistakes. I pass all of my knowledge and experience on to you, my customer so that you will not have to make the same mistakes. Resistance training has saved my life in so many ways and it is my passion! I even sleep with exercise stretch bands under my pillow at night (just kidding).

Come inside and see who we are. Take a look at what we do. Discover what we offer.

Men, Women, Children, Elderly, Athletic, what we have was designed for you whether you are professional, just starting, need rehabilitation or want something so you can free up extra space in your home. Our friends in Japan where living spaces are quite limited really love us for that reason!

I know I personally regret leaving home for business because that means I must actually go to a gym when I travel. I have to look for one, call them for directions, you know the routine....

Friends of mine even use our fitness tubes design to warm themselves up before they go on stage or head out to the playing field. The uses are endless.

I truly LIVE for your emails!
Blake Kassel

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Bodylastics is designed for everyone including: Bodybuilders, busy mothers, new mothers, working dads, working moms, fitness pros, personal trainers, movie stars, older adults, baby boomers, athletes, models, people that want to lose fat and people that want to gain muscle.

The Bodylastics Stretch Bands System has been featured in several national publications: Glamour, New Woman, Delta Sky, Woman's World, Jane, Men's Exercise, prevention, "You Gotta Read This" and Essence. And many more exclusive articles are on the way!! The Bodylastics fever is catching on! Our testimonials are amazing even us! Isn't it about time that someone looked out for your financial fitness and better interests? Something that actually delivers and something that you can afford is finally here. We are Bodylastics Int'l Inc.


Bodylastics Comes with A full 90-day unconditional warrantee
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